Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tom Larson

A quick informational post, while I work on the next "lecture" --

If you have time this week, consider going to this event at the downtown Houston Public Library. The author, Thomas Larson, is a friend and colleague of mine, and an authority on memoir as a creative-nonfiction form. If you are interested in writing memoir, he can perhaps answer questions. The book he is presenting is a hybrid form: memoir, music history and biography, culture studies, musical analysis. It will be a media presentation, so if you are interested in writing about music, it might give you some ideas.

It's Wednesday, October 20, 6 pm -- read more at this site:

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  1. This is an area of interest to me but unfortunately I will be at work about the same time. I hope to have another opportunity to meet with a memoirist.