Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This is premature for us, perhaps, but all the same, it's worth considering ways of publishing your work when you feel it's ready. There are many ways to publish -- which, over the past fifteen years or so, has meant online as well as in print (well, we can include electronic media such as CD's as well, I guess -- and even live performance is a kind of publication).

Below is a link to information on an undergraduate-oriented literary journal; there are other types of journals, including online, and then there are more "commercial" or "popular" publications. It really depends on how you see your writing, your intended audience, and your concern about $$$. Literary writing doesn't pay much, or at all! It's for the "art." In our course, I'm focusing on the "art," but that doesn't mean your writer's sensibility has to be artsy -- just focused on matters of craft.

Anyway, here's a call for submissions I received from a former colleague; and below that, a web site that lists many journals, magazines, and small-press publishers (more on book publishing in a later post).




  1. This is very interesting. I am starting to imagine myself as an authentic artist. Maybe , I have what it takes to write and publish some of my work that people might find fascinating. This course has really given me a new found confidence in my ability to express myself through writing.

  2. It makes sense that there would be sites like these, although I wasn't actually aware of one until reading this post. I think it's neat that they include submission options for not just poetry, but for fiction and non-fiction writers as well. I was surprised they even take submissions from artists. It seems like a great idea, really. The entries they accept are wide enough to encourage many forms of writers/artists to participate, and it's nice that you actually get a prize for it. Since, as you said, it's not always the most lucrative thing out there. I do wish they would have actually displayed the writings of the actual winners, though, rather than listing only names and titles.

  3. Interesting websites. I like how you can easily search for publishers on the second site. I've thought about trying to get my writing published but wasn't clear as to how to get that done.

  4. I have always found these websites exciting. It is hard for me to find ideas to write about. Many times it is just plain hard for me to write about anything but when I finally do I enjoy it. I would never try to get money for my writing. It is just something that I enjoy. Knowing that I can share it with the world online is a fun idea.

  5. It gives you energy to start back up with writing. It dispeled my fear of writing. These websites makes writing serious, humorous, edifying, insightful and never the less wiser.