Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Text Companion Site

Our textbook comes with a companion site -- ancillary materials worth having a look at:

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  1. I got most of the information that helped me embark on this my workshop from here. It was beneficial to me. You might want to check it out. Read one of work from the poetry section.

    Poetry (The Rough and Smooth)

    To love and be loved is empowering
    To be confident in one makes them more competent
    The strong always aspire to be strong
    While the weak are too weak to be strong

    The energy that comes with being young
    The capability of things you can accomplish
    And the importance of love and its strength
    To get through the dull and vicarious times

    The sensitivity of waiting and searching for a child
    The pain that comes with the disappointment
    The love and the sexiness of the bump of a woman with child
    The strength and the humility of a special gift

    Endowed for a job so special
    Rounded and grounded at the same time
    Energetic and waiting for the time
    For the pain and joy that comes with it
    A moment so sexy, so lovely and so important

    That only one in love and loved can comprehend
    The capability, the strength, the competence
    The empowerment, the sex appeal, the importance
    Of the process of a woman’s body
    Bringing forth children into our world.