Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tributes & Remembrances

This link, to an article originally published in AWP Chronicle, turned up on the New Poetry listserv today:

...and someone followed up with this one:

I offer them with two purposes: one, as examples of prose forms -- the tribute, or alternatively, the remembrance of someone. These can be autobiographical, but not necessarily; as memoir, they might focus on the narrator equally with the subject, or the narrator might be essentially hidden from view. However, one way to think about such writing (all writing, really) is that the narrator, or the author, is always refracted in some way, even when he or she isn't overtly presented in the narrative.

Also, I offer them as representations of "Creative Writing culture" -- or, at least, of a certain perspective of it; and of the poet as mentor or teacher.

Can you find other tributes or remembrances? Other writings that somehow portray the culture and sensibility of artists, writers, readers, etc.?

You might also look for online groups (Yahoo, Google Groups), forums, or listservs meant for poets, other writers, readers, etc. Later, I post links to some.

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