Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Neruda on Film

Speaking of Neruda, have you seen il Postino? It's a good film about poetry, as well as about love, and a good fictionalized but historically rooted story of Neruda himself. Here's a clip:

Neruda's poetry is also featured in Patch Adams. Here's one clip; compare it to the funeral scene I posted earlier -- with the Auden poem:


  1. Patch Adams clip was telling the person directly comparing his life to what it was to now how it will be without the person that died. The other poem is saying how everything, everyone will be differnt he is wanting everyone to feel his pain. He is making sure he is heard and wants everyone to know his mourning and grief is serious. An exercise would be see how many poetic elegys you can find in recent movies now a days all we have are happy endings.

  2. I think the patch adams scene is more heartbreaking. In that scene he speaks of how he loves the person, straight-forward and without complexity. The camera's also show how he breaks down, this adds more pity to the scene. It is gut-renching because we know that now that love is gone. The scene from four weddings and a funeral uses poetry in a different way. That poem deals with the loss of a person and the pain that the person that is left feels. However, even though the scene cuts to the end of the funeral, with the casket, the person does not break down. I feel that it might have been a strogner scene if he had or if it had started raining you could infer that the whole world was grieving.

  3. Patch Adams' scene is very heartbreaking. I almost cried as he was reading his poem. It's so sad to see him walking towards his wife's cabin. The background music makes it even sadder to see him. This may sound unreal, but I have said some of those words to my husband and he is still alive. I would've never thought about saying those words to him when he is gone.