Monday, August 10, 2009

Blanton Poetry Project

Earlier this summer I published a poem in the journal Borderlands (out of Austin). On their web site, you can find a link to a related effort called the Blanton Poetry Project:

It's a media-rich presentation with images, text, audio and video.

The Blanton Museum of art is on the University of Texas campus; check it out the next time you're in Austin.


  1. 08-15-09
    Response to Blog: If These Walls Could Speak

    I liked this posting although it seemed to take me forever to work my way through the artwork and attendant poetry. Still, I have my favorites: Natasha Marin’s “Incline Bleu et Noir” and Wendy Barker’s “High Yellow”. I like Marin’s poem because she looks at a time when she was younger and compares it to who she is now:

    “Eleven years ago
    When I was seventeen
    I didn’t know I would
    Become this way:
    Bent older somehow
    Against the unfallen glow
    Of young faces.”

    Sixteen years ago, when I was seventeen I didn’t know that I would be an older student feeling lost in a sea of younger ones. Now I am the one “Bent older somehow/against the unfallen glow/of young faces.”
    I like Barker’s “High Yellow” because it talks so specifically about the painting. It talks about what I think it could be, the sun on the horizon, and about what it might be:
    “…this imperfect oval more
    like a fat yellow cigar floating in blue so dark
    and bright it couldn’t be any sky that’s ever
    filled your breath.”
    “This is only about color…” she says. “You don’t have to do a thing. Can stop the churning of your / desire to turn this high-flying ovoid into an /ear of corn or a squashed halo.”

  2. I have to say that I enjoyed visiting the Blanton Poetry Project web site. I found it to be a charming site that had an artistic feel to it, as well as poetic vibe. The video's were a nice touch, and one was able to grasp what the writer was trying to say in his poem, by the explanations given in the video. This is a really nice site.

  3. I really enjoyed this site. Thanks for posting it because I probably would have never come across it otherwise. I really liked being able to see the artwork and the poem that went along with it, then getting an explaination from the poet. It's nice putting a name, face and voice with the poetry.

  4. "If these walls could speak," is a very good site. I enjoyed reading the poems and seeing the artwork along with them. The two that I enjoyed the most were, Daniele Crespi's "The conversion of St. Paul." I really liked these lines: "Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold." I have been told by my mother so many times, to fix my arguments with my husband before we go to sleep. I really reflected myself with this art, especially. The other poem that I really liked, were the "The First ship," by Joshua Shaw. Like in this poem, so many people wait for things that they expect to come and sometimes nothing comes at all.

  5. I as well enjoyed visiting the Blanton Poetry Project web site. I like the layout of the site like Felicia said it DOES have an artistic feel to it. I also like that you can listen to the the poet talk about their work. I like how there are different ways all the artists are expressing their feelings/poems through the art itself.